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Stratfor 2019 Forecast

Stratfor’s annual forecast portends volatility throughout the globe. Such volatility may signal a softening in pricing and an opening for entrepreneurial investors to find opportunities while institutional investors take a more conservative tack. full story

Chinese Investors Back Away From Global Property Markets

Chinese investors net decline in investments in US market will reduce upward pressure on property prices. In some markets other asian investors have stepped in where the Chinese have stepped out, but much of the change in Chinese activity is in high visibility trophy properties whereas lower priced assets have maintained their appeal. full story

New uses and increasing density in Warner Center

17.6 acres of Warner center defense contractor site to be redeveloped with senior living, hospitality, and retail, while remaining portion of the 59 acre site will continue to be used by Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems. This is another example of the increased high density development throughout the Warner Center area. full story

WeWork continues to disrupt office market

WeWork’s expansion and continued disruption of the office market has seen their entry into the market as an owner as well as the adoption of portions of their model by more traditional market players. full story